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Welcome to our wedding website! We've created this site as a convenient and interactive way to share all of the important details with you leading up to our wedding. We can't wait to celebrate this exciting new chapter of our lives together with you.

Our Story

How We Met

Hanna & Caleb met in 2010 while Hanna was living in Melbourne studying abroad for her Masters and Caleb had just relocated to Melbourne to pursue his career at a new tech start-up. Caleb spotted Hanna at a local cafe that they frequented and eventually Caleb mustered up the courage to ask Hanna for her number. They had their first date at a Mexican restaurant in the CBD and bonded over their love for tacos and travel. Despite their different backgrounds, they quickly realised that they had a lot in common. From that first date, they became inseparable and the rest is history!

The Proposal

Hanna & Caleb planned their first trip to Japan together in March 2017. Caleb planned a romantic picnic in Nogawa park and popped the question under the beautiful cherry blossom trees. Hanna gave a big smile and said yes! They celebrated with Hanna’s family and friends that night with a champagne toast.

Wedding Party

Eriko thompson

Eriko Thompson

Eriko & Hanna met in middle school and have been best friends since! They’ve spent all of primary school together, and have travelled to multiple countries soon after graduation and during University. Although the Pacific Ocean keeping them apart, they have regular Skype calls and hilarious snaps to keep them going strong since ‘98!

Ryan keller

Ryan Keller

Ryan and Caleb have been best mates since childhood. They have many memories playing Smash Brothers until the wee morning hours, and still do to this day! Ryan is the friend everyone wishes they had, and you can always count on him to make you laugh. Although Caleb won’t admit it, he’s also really good at playing video games.

Michelle lombard

Michelle Lombard

Michelle met Hanna in University when they were both studying for their undergrad. Emily is a free-spirit and is always down for an adventure. They’ve had their fair share of spontaneous getaways and late nights together in the library to catch up on assignments. Emily is currently living and working in Peru as a travel guide.

Ben stern

Ben Stern

Caleb’s obsession with mechanical keyboards is thanks to this guy. Ben is originally from Melbourne, but moved to Silicon Valley to pursue his own start-up venture. We miss him a lot, but we are always able to pick up from where we left off and can’t wait to discover more craft brews when he’s back in town!

Elise chambers

Elise Chambers

Elise was Hanna’s first friend in Melbourne. They met on campus when Hanna was looking hopelessly lost trying to find her classroom. Coincidentally, they had the same lecturer and walked into class together. They’ve been close ever since!

Philip stone

Philip Stone

Philip is the type of guy that is always willing to help a friend in need, even a stranger. He was Caleb’s first friend after relocating to Melbourne, and really helped him transition into the Melburnian lifestyle.


Welcome Drinks

6:00 pm

To kick off an exciting weekend, we’re going to start by meeting you at Mr. Miyaji. It’s one of our favourite summer spots where we’ve spent countless nights sipping cocktails and munching on Japanese-Mexican fusion tacos.


6:00 pm

The ceremony will commence at 6 o’clock on the front lawn of the plantation mansion. Please come 15-20 minutes early to grab a drink (or two) before getting seated as we make our way down the aisle!


7:30 pm

We know this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Let’s get the party started! Discover our secret concoctions at the Island Bar and join us for some photos under the Moonlight canopy. Head down over to the beach bungalow for a bite to eat before we dance the night away!


11:00 am

Join us for a beach-side brekkie at Little Miss Lilo. Don’t forget to bring your sunnies, you’re going to need them after the big night!


Yellow Cab

To explore the outer city areas, getting around by taxi is really easy. You'll find lots of Yellow Cabs in the city, but you can always call the number above or book them online.

Metro Train Network

The city has a great public train system that will take you from the CBD to all the way to Geelong. You can purchase tickets at the station, but if you're staying for a while longer, you can pre-purchase a 2 week railway pass at most convenient stores!

Point Cook Chateau

The Chateau is just a short walk to downtown and about a 13 minute car ride to the wedding venue! Make your reservation by phone or e-mail and ask for rates for the Marin-Rivers wedding group.

Chapel St. Mall

International fashion brands and local designers makes Chapel St. Mall the ultimate destination for shopping & fashion!

Jazz Lounge

For a fancy night out, head down to the Jazz Lounge in the CBD! They've got excellent live music and a wide range of wines and whiskeys to try. Dress code is semi-formal, so make sure to dress up a bit.

Strike Bar

Strike is a go-to spot for many locals on a Friday night. Strike is located in a strip mall with lots of great restaurants so you can go grab a bite to eat before a wild night out!


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There's no greater gift than having you coming from far and wide to celebrate with us on our special day. Your attendance is truly the best gift of all. If you absolutely must, we have created a registry at the following stores.